Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rebecca's Wegelia and Daffs

Rebecca's Wegelia and Daffs
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Daily Practice

Imagine my surprise last night when I dragged myself home after another day in the greenhouse to find Rebecca had graced my room with a small bouquet of blooming wegelia and sweet-smelling daffodils. Not only did it look so pretty, but I knew Rebecca was subtly asking me to paint it!! LOL

A day of meetings and more greenhouse work, then attention to the outside of the Arboretum (all those fine weeding chores), and we 'should' be ready for Saturday.

Though we might have another shower or two today, Saturday promises to be warm and sunny ... just the kind of day for music, gardening, and art!


Teresa said...

'S beautiful, 's marvelous! Sounds like Saturday is going to be a fun day... hope it turns out to be wonderful... you've worked so hard!

Joan said...

This is a lovely reminder of Rebecca's kindness. What a nice surprise to have in your room. Love the colors in this. The weekend looks like it should be warm and sunny. I hope everything goes well!

Sandy said...

These beauties will now last forever.

Anonymous said...

Wow; Rebecca must have SOME garden. This is another gorgeous one Lin. You keep amazing me with your talent and just plain grit; such beautiful paintings after hard days of work.