Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rebeccas Flowers--Again

Rebeccas Flowers--Again
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Daily Practice

Rebecca's home is filled with such incredible flowers -- most glorious this time of year. Every imaginable color and style of iris can be found there -- along with roses -- knockouts, old-fashioned climbing, and more. This small bouquet graced her kitchen table this week, and so I painted it -- sketched and painted partly in the house, and last night as I sat in her garden guarding the new seedlings from her chickens, I brought the bouquet outdoors to finish painting. After such a frenzied day, that simple sitting among the clucking chickens and warm, pre-evening light, was the most peaceful, restorative time. Truly a blessing.

Today will be another overful day ... but tomorrow -- home and rest. It's misty-rainy outdoors ...and somewhat cooler.

Hope everyone's day is grand!


Teresa said...

So glad you had a restorative time while painting this colorful bouquet. Hang on... Friday's coming! :-)

Teri C said...

OMG Lin!! these flowers are just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and bright Lin. And what a lovely description of the flowers in the house and the quiet scene outside. By the time you get to Italy, there won't be anything left for you to learn!!! Rest up this weekend and stay well for your trip. Hope you can take it easier next week.

Pat said...

I love that you present me with a visual as well as a written description of you time and place. The bouquet is a lovely drawing.

Joan said...

Lin - I envy you being surrounded by flowers and color so much of the time. This is lovel...wonderful spring colors!!!! Thanks for sharing your work!