Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simply Olives

Simply Olives
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Daily Practice

There are certain photo references I turn to again and again when time is limited, I'm over-tired, or evening falls before I've had a chance to sketch outdoors. These olives are a case in point. I've painted them several times over the last four years, and THIS time, I wanted to concentrate on using wet-in-wet techniques for both the olives and the leaves. I loved watching the paint mingle on the paper! Very Zen! LOL

We spent the day outdoors and in the garden. My gracious, I haven't done that kind of physical labor in a while -- apparently -- because I am mighty sore today in places I haven't even thought about! LOL We did get the vegetables planted (just a few since both C and I have far too busy schedules to produce more vegetables than we can eat), pruned and tidied a couple of the beds, brought home another half dozen large perennials to plant today. We've much more to do, but four out of eight raised beds have new soil, fertilizer, tomatoes and squash and a ton of basil, some flowers, and some 'new life.' YAHOO! And all this physical exertion helped me sleep really well for a change! Soil therapy indeed!! Guess I"m going to have to put the paints aside for a wee bit and play in the soil more often! LOL

Today we rest more than we did yesterday (not counting the naps! LOL). Yesterday's temps reached 90F ... and today will be a repeat performance. I'm hoping we can get to the water for a walk and a sketch.

My trip to Italy begins in two weeks, and to say I'm excited is an understatement. I suppose 'that' could have influenced the olive sketch too. I haven't begun trying to trim down what I need to bring in order to keep things 'light' as recommended. I have created and spiral-bound two watercolor journals - one with watercolor paper interspersed with typing paper so I can keep a written journal as well as sketch journal. The other is entirely watercolor paper for use on the plane with my mini paint kit (posted a while ago) that seems to be working very well.

My granddaughter turns three today, so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Taylor! Her party should be a blast! Emily and Nick are visiting and the 'cousins' should have a really big time!

Leaf expansion on the trees continues, and it seems as though my place on this grand earth is greening so quickly. I find those myriad shades ever so restive, as the spring and summer draw us into more outdoor activity. I think we need to consider a 'hammock!'

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Teri C said...

I am excited for you going and can't wait to see what you bring back cuz I know it will be beautiful!!