Friday, April 24, 2009

Wisteria Trellises

Wisteria Trellises
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Daily Practice

I can hardly recall when I've had a busier month -- and a steady obligation to back to back meetings... whew! To say I'm ready for a break is an understatement. I think I met myself coming in the door yesterday -- and I look a tad 'bedraggled!' LOL

Got home late last night and had to dash out to bring my granddaughter's birthday gift to my son since I won't be able to squeeze in another trip to South Carolina for her birthday party this week. I have to work a bit and truly, if I get a moment, I must take a break and try to get a bit more sleep. I refuse to get sick before heading overseas!!! LOL

Anyway, when I got back home and unpacked the car, I found the DVD I ordered -- "Simply Watercolour" by Robert Wade. I sat down to view it -- and it addressed those niggling issues of shapes, values, and looseness. While I find his work appealing, I just don't think I'm comfortable with THAT much looseness -- lol -- still, I learned quite a bit for a single viewing, and though it was REALLY late, I gave myself 40 minutes to simplify this practice painting. I had sketched it last night, so I painted it as simply and quickly as I could. I think I could deepen a few more values for added effectiveness, but for now, I'm pleased with the impressionistic feel of it ...

Bill posted a wisteria challenge for this week ( -- apparently we were on the same wave length!!! LOL

It's warming up here with temps expected in the 80s! While I love the warmth, North Carolina tends to have very short spring weather ... we often go from winter, to a teasingly short few weeks of warmth ... to the full blast of summer!

Hope your day is grand!


Joan said...

Oooooooooh!! I love twisting branches of the wisteria and that wonderful purple color. LOVELY!!!! Make sure you get some rest so you don't get sick before the trip. When do you leave? When I went to Italy we were there for the month of May and it was beautiful every day!

Teri C said...

You life sounds so hectic Lin, glad you slowed down and got 'loose'. This is so lovely and springy.

Bonny said...

Wisteria is my all time favourite bloom, followed closely by the iris.

This painted sketch is so lovely! I can almost smell the scent coming from the trellis!

Hope things settle down for ypu, soon :)

Carol said...

Love wisteria! You've done a beautiful job with this!

Pat said...

The wisteria is lovely and the painting above with your wedding arch is so special. Your watercolors are lyrical just like your writing. I enjoyed my coffee break with your site.