Saturday, June 13, 2009

Antiques at Private Garden in Civita

Travel Journal
Civita, Italy
Still Life

As I go through the photos I took while away, I'm finding more and more items that might make an interesting study.

During my visit to the private garden in Civita, the owner had so many 'niches' filled with the most wonderful antiques - from olive jars to farm implements, to odds and ends I couldn't identify. This grouping was one such cluster. My husband identified the rusty ironwork as an old wheel barrel wheel, the item behind it and the 'ash/tray?' - not so sure ...but I liked the stones behind this little cove as well as the various textures .. a painting challenge indeed.

We spent a good amount of time in the garden yesterday placing the many plants I was able to purchase during our Arboretum trip -- which, thankfully, did NOT get rained out! LOL We picked bowls of greens for our lunches, and the tomatoes are just beginning to turn red. The grands come for dinner tonight so it will be a fun, busy time.

Weatherwise, we've been having a significant amount of rain -- so much so that some of my plants -- such as a few species of basil -- aren't fairing as well, even with good soil drainage. I'll have some replanting to do if I hope to have basil preserved for the winter.

Have a grand day!


Joan said...

Great still life of the treasures you found!!! I like the rich browns in this. Hope the weather improves a bit. I want to do plein airs and I'm always looking at the dismal looking sky!! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful colors and texture in your painting and such interesting subjects! Yes, we too are having way too much rain and many parts of KY are flooded; so very sad. Feast or famine. Good luck with the garden.

Jona said...

Very suggestive!!

Lin, your photos are so wonderful. Thank you again for sending them all to me. They make great motives for paintings.