Saturday, June 20, 2009

Arched Church Doorway and Flowers - Civita

Travel Journal
Civita de Bagnoreggio

I fondly remember this doorway and large shrub as we visited Civita. One of our participants was sitting in the shade painting the scene from across the courtyard, others were sketching the flowered doorway around the calle, and many of us were taking as many photos as we could before leaving Tuscany. The sun was bright that day, and the front of this church was mostly in shadow, so I changed the direction of the sunlight a bit to highlight the flowers that seemed to soften the entire scene.

It was mighty hot here yesterday as well. We spent most of the day catching up from a busy, busy week, but ventured out just before dinner to the Hillsborough Hog Day Festival. The full activities will run today (another scorcher!), but we were able to participate in the evening's concert - featuring one of my favorite groups - The Wells Family ( - acoustic music and the best harmonies I've heard! We sat in lawn chairs under a darkening sky while around the woodland, families with young children enjoyed the rides, and we all sampled the first of the festival's BBQ. A bit of a walk into town, the BBQ Cook-Off was firing up, and the smells coming from the cookers were heavenly! We drove home just as a few showers watered our plants again ....

A very much needed restive day, and most enjoyable evening.

Hope you get to enjoy the day as well -- and stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a soft and lovely painting Lin. And the colors blend beautifully. I can feel the sun!!

We too had a scorcher yesterday; hottest day so far and oh the humidity. Went to a friend's art show last night at the Mayor's office as part of the monthly gallery hop. Wish the two of you could meet and compare painting notes!

Jona said...

A winner!
Few simple strokes creating the foliage... The light you created is amazing... I love the delicacy of this one very very much.
Pure beauty!

Have a wonderful weekend, Lin.
Big big hugs!!

Teri C said...

It is such a beautiful scene and the lights and shadows on the building are awesome!!

Joan said...

BELLA!!!! I like how you changed the light source to highlight the flowers. Great color in this and lovely job on the stonework on the church.

Glad to hear you had time to sit back and enjoy! Sounds like a fun time. Have a great weekend!

Laureline said...

So well done, Lin. You've really captured the structure of the doorway here. I know you had a blast on your trip---and we get to reap the fruits of it for a long time to come!