Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill's Challenge Lake Baza

Bill's Challenge Lake Baza
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Daily Journal
Bill's Challenge

A quick departure from my travel journal images to participate in Bill's challenge to paint a scene from his trip to Spain and Baza Lakes (

Quite a number of challenges in this small landscape -- from the clefts in the mountains to the small waves in the lake - but fun to do!

We're in for a busy week at work with training some summer students, budget meetings and preparing for reductions of all kinds. My fingers are crossed we get through this rough period without too much being cut.

Hope your week is great!


squawmama said...

Oh Lin I haven't been blogging for such a long time and looked what I missed... I went way back in your blogs to catch up on your trip an all... What an adventure of a lifetime... I always dreamed of going to Venice. Just simply wonderful! Loved all your photos and stories... Thanks for the trip.


Anonymous said...

Wow; great painting and your sky is gorgeous too. Hope your week goes well.

Teresa said...

What a gorgeous painting, Lin! Looks different.... new colors? more colors? Can't quite put my finger on it... but I like it!

Joan said...

This looks great, Lin. I wish I could enlarge it to see the details better. Hope all goes well!

Jona said...

Wow, this is something different. I love the color palette so much.
Which blue did you use for the lake?