Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colorful Burono

Colorful Burono
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Travel Journal
Burono, Italy

I have only a few more pages left in my travel journal ... but I wanted to include the wonderful rainbow colors of Burono - the tiny island across the water from Venice. The colors of the buildings, the lush green and bright flowers of this wonderful place just HAD to find a place in the journal!

More rain today--and we are turning green with weeds and mold -- sigh ... I was watching the news last night and they compared Wake County, NC as the extreme opposite this year of Seattle, WA -- they're having our sun, we're having their rain ... At least Burono will give the grey of the day some bright color! LOL

Have a great one!


Teri C said...

Oh Lin, this is just fabulous and stunning! The colors are wonderful, well, I just love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved the photos you took and even more the painting today. Love the bright colors and how they all blend along with each other. It reminds me of Sausalito, CA.

And congratulations on your beautiful Johnson College Iris t-shirt on Zazzle. It is drop dead gorgeous!!!
Hope you sell lots and lots.

Joan said...

Lin - Thank you SO MUCH for brightening up my rainy day with this beauty!!! I love the colors in this!!!! It makes me really, really want to go back!!! I will be so sorry to see your wonderful collection of paintings from your journal end. I've loved traveling with you!!! Beautiful job on this one!

Jona said...

Superb, Lin!
You've captured Burano perfectly. Looking at your painting is just like being there.

Claire said...

This is a lovely page. It makes me want to go for a walk down the street that you've painted!