Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dining on the Canal, Venice, Italy

Travel Journal
Venice, Italy

Back to the travel journal! This charming restaurant was spotted as we walked from one canal to another. I can just imagine how neat it would be to sit by the canal while enjoying a meal and watching the gondolas pass by.

We're in for several days of rain and so many of our planned outdoor events will have to be postponed. I suppose it is either feast or famine -- it wasn't but two years ago we were in a horrible drought!

Stay dry everyone!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin.... Great painting this morning.... I just know I am going to love all of your Italian painting since I am so hooked on the Tuscan look... Hope you all stay dry and that you keep your rain until after our wedding...


Patti G. said...

I am amazed at everything you saw in Italy! How do the buildings hold up so well while being surrounded with the water on them? They must be on stilts of sorts I know, but still! It is interesting! The little restaurant there is beautiful and imagine sitting there and enjoying the view! WOW! All your watercolors are beautiful and a good glimpse into your trip! Sending hugs,Patti

Anonymous said...

Oh such a lovely scene. I can just imagine sitting there among the flowers, gazing out over the water and enjoying good food and good company!
Thanks for a neat painting and sorry about the rain.

Jona said...

Very nice painting. A lovely motive. I remember this location. I'm reliving Venice with your posts. :) The water and the wall are just perfect. Good job!

Teri C said...

This view is exactly as I imagine Venice to be. Beatuifully done.

Joan said...

Yeah!!! You included some people in this one! Good work. I think I have photos of this same spot. I'll have to try mine and they can be twins! I must be a nice spot to sit and have the only water view in the restaurant. Super job on the old Venetian wall on the canal.