Thursday, June 04, 2009

Doorway San Gemini

Doorway San Gemini
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Travel Journal
San Gemini Doorway

I am now working on some of the over 3,000 photos (I know! I know!! LOL) I brought home with me. This doorway, from one of the many in San Gemini, was sketched and painted this week. I am trying to use the remaining pages of my travel sketchbook with images from the trip, and so I'll be continuing to finish those pieces I still have to do while adding new ones.

It is more than apparent that I LOVE doorways, stones, arches and windows, especially since many, many, MANY of my photos contain these elements. What I loved about this one was the juxtaposition of soft flowers, angles, rocks and arches ... which gave me a chance to continue practicing perspective. The door is rather modern... but those stones are ancient ... and this bringing of old and new together really excites me as well!

We're having our 'Business After Hours' event at the Arboretum tonight. We've been preparing for this for several weeks. The flowers, grass and patio have all been spiffed up -- and we're opening our doors to the business community to 'take a look' at what we've been up to for the last eight years. Rain,unfortunately, is predicted -- so keep your fingers crossed for us, please -- that it holds off until late tonight so we can all enjoy the wonderful blooms awaiting new eyes!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting Lin -- so colorful. I can just feel the sun!! And another delightful day of walking through Italy with you. Your descriptions and recitation of history are fascinating and for one who never liked geography in 8th grade, thoroughly delightful. We never had photos like yours then LOL. I'm so glad you got to meet Robyn and that you had such a varied and interesting trip.

Joan said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I love the contrasts of the light stone building with the rich color of the door and the colors of the potted plants. I am like you and have a fascination for doors, arches, and windows. I had to laugh at how many photos you too. I'm the same way...just imagine how many I had after my month there.

Candy said...

This painting is lovely.