Sunday, June 28, 2009

Enrote to SanGemini

Enrote to SanGemini
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Daily Practice
In the Car

Somehow, despite the extra day we had to travel, our time wih the grands went by far too quickly! We drove down Thursday and returned late last night, and the time in between seems like a blur!

The girls have grown so much! Taylor, at three, is so self-assured and smart (I KNOW, every grandparent says that! LOL), but when I think of my own at that age, I wonder if I thought they were as bright?! LOL She was a huge help with Riley, and she and I played grocery shopping, strolled our babies, painted, and we all picked blueberries despite the high temperatures.

Riley was the most cheerful five month old I can remember! She giggled, smiled, 'talked' and sung all the while we were there --truly the 'music' of joy!

We had a great time - but mercy, it went by far too fast!

My dear husband drove down and back, allowing me to, as best I could, sketch and paint enroute. (Yes, some roads were MUCH better than others! LOL) Passing cars, potholes, stop lights and the like certainly adds as much challenge to painting as does any plein air element! LOL

This scene, sketched in the car while riding, is rather fitting in circumstance. The photo was taken while we were DRIVING from La Romita to San Gemini - so I supppose it's even more a 'driving' view! LOL

Today it's preparations for next week. Our college president's last day is this Monday and our new president arrives on Tueday -- many farewell and welcome events are planned - along with the knowledge that there are many more changes to come. It'll be a short week with the Independence Day holiday next weekend, but a full week of activities. I'll be resting today to recover from the trip and prepare for next week.

Temperatures are still expected to be high, and the garden needs rain ... I'll be watering while I can and then hiding indoors ...!

Have a great and restive Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lin. I think you managed the car movements very well!! What a nice visit you obviously had with the grands. So glad you had the time to go and spend with them. Life races by. Enjoy your short but hectic week ahead! We are off to Louisville for an in-law visit. Whew, so hot here.

Teri C said...

You sure did great with the challenge of painting in the car! And such a beautiful view.

Your grands are really growing.

Joan said...

Beautiful view and so well done!!!! It definitely looks like one of the views you would see outside the window of the car on a back road in Italy, where there would be no safe place to pull over to paint or take a photo. lol