Monday, June 08, 2009

The Garden at Stroncone

The Garden at Stroncone
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Sketched Plein Air
Painted in Studio
9" x 12" Arches CP #140

There is much to tell about Venice with a most incredible surprise I'll share tomorrow...I've been itching to tell this part of the story, but I truly need to dash off to the office.

Meanwhile, back to Tuscany.

I sat just inside the street limits to paint this garden - located just outside the ancient city walls. Behind me, the sounds of children laughing, teachers instructing, bells ringing kept me company as I sketched. It was a soft, beautiful morning! People passed me as I sat between two vehicles for safety! But I cannot look at this without hearing the merry sounds of those schoolchildren!

I sketched this and again struggled with perspective - painted a bit of it on site - then packed up my gear and continued exploring this amazing stone city. I gave the piece a lot more light (photo posted earlier) and softened that grey wall of the old town limits.

It's back to regular routine again and as ususal, I'm dashing ....

Thank you all for your most kind comments and encouragement, and for sharing this amazing journey with me. Already I am longing to return ... I hope that it won't be another four years, though, between vacations! LOL


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous Lin and you did a great job with the perspective. Sitting between two parked cars for safety - what a brillliant idea!! So many gorgeous photos and all the history and geography to go along with it -- priceless. And you make me hungry every time I log on!!!

Joan said...

LOVELY!! The light and the flowers lead right into this one. I would worry about saftey sitting between two parked cars!

Art Fan Ako said...

Perpective or no perspective, it came out just wonderful. It's lovely to look at!

Jona said...

Thank you Lin for posting photos of Venice in the night. :)) Never experienced it like this. Sooo romantic.***

Such a beautiful, rich painting today. Very inviting. Love the colors you used; the way the trees and the stone wall meet the sky; wonderful red flower in the pot ... you are already creating masterpieces out of flowers. Bravissima!