Sunday, June 21, 2009


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Plein Air

Italy has been my dream place for a very long time, and visiting a country I love, a dream come true. But it is equally wonderful to come HOME to a place I also deeply love.

As I sat beside these newly planted geraniums painting, I thought about how similiar Italy and North Carolina are - friendly people, simliar temperatures and climates, bodies of water, a love of the land, food, family. And I know truly that loves of these aren't unique to either place. Still, when I drive the rural landscapes that bring me such joy, I truly could be either place -- and equally grateful.

Today we celebrate our fathers, and though mine has been with HIS Father for over 16 years, there are moments when I miss him even more acutely, or feel as though he is still watching over me and my children, guiding us, laughing with us, sharing his unique gifts.

Last week, my sister called laughing and laughing .... she had come across the last interview I did with my father before he died -- a special Christmas where the family was all together, and I told Dad that I had to have 'his' stories for a school project. He hated talking about himself ... but for school, he'd cooperate. So 16 years ago, I recorded the hilarious storytelling event - typed it, copied the recording, and gave it to my family members. Time has made it less difficult to read ... and so when she came across it again and finally read it -- she recognized Dad's uniqueness in a new way -- and got to know him a bit better. We were all grateful for that glimpse of him we wouldn't have otherwise.

And so I think about the stories we all have to tell and how quickly they fade from our minds. Our paintings, blogs, flickr and myspace, facebook accounts are often a glimpse into the hearts of our friends and family members who care to take the time to share those stories. And I'd encourage all of us to keep some of those stories for those who are not so computer savvy...our parents, perhaps even, our young children. Time truly does fly.

So today, I'd like to tell my dear husband's story a bit ...thru one of the 'jam' sessions he truly enjoys. It's a only a piece of his story ....but a start. I can't upload the video here (and my apologies -- it's my first attempt at videography and I haven't a clue how to edit! LOL) ... but it'll be on my blog if you're interested:

I've tried to upload this video for the last five hours -- nada .... I'll try again in a bit .... sorry!

Happiest of Fathers' Day - Charles - and thank you for the gifts you so unselfishly bestowe on our family and others.

And HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to those who assume the role of Dad - be it the single mom, aunt, uncle, teacher, friend.


Anonymous said...

Lovely painting Lin and gorgeous detail. My mother planted geraniums every year for years and I always hated the smell of them but always like to look at them. What a wonderful story about your Dad. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We are celebrating with my FIL next Sunday as he is participating in his wife's family golf scramble today! Nice tribute to Charles too. You are the best!
Love and Hugs,

Jona said...

How sweet memories and hearty thoughts. You made my day.

Wonderful paiting to homage Father's day.

Happy Father's day!

Pat said...

Lovely painting and lovely words. The memories are all I have of my father too, but he feels like he is with me always.

Joan Y said...

This is such a beautiful painting ... and also a lovely story about your father. I am looking forward to seeing the video if you can upload it. I'll check back! :) Happy Father's Day to your hubby and dad.

Teri C said...

Those geraniums are beautiful Lin and such a sweet story of your DAd. Time really does heal wounds.

Joan said...

Beautiful job on the geraniums!!! That is so nice that you were able to tape your Dad. It must be nice to be able to go back and hear his stories in his own voice!!!