Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Karlyn and our Gift of a Journal

For our last night, Karlyn brought us to one of Venice's finest restaurants where we sat for a four course, five-star dinner! Wine, chatter, photos, good food, and the difficulty of leaving Italy and one of the finest art instructors/tour guides imaginable.

We walked back to the hotel sated, a bit nostalgic and sad, guided by lamplights and the need to finish packing... but knowing that the bonds of this trip, the memories made, and the dreams of tomorrow will have followed us home.

MILLE GRAZIE Douglass! MILLE GRAZIE Karlyn! Thank you Jona, Robyn for joining us!

And thank you too my dear Flickr Friends for sharing this incredible trip.

I pray the health and finances to do it again, and to continue reliving the moments as I paint some of those thousands of photos!

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Joan said...

I have tears in my eyes reading about your last day in Italy. I know you had such a wonderful time and have memories you will treasure forever. I HAVE to go back to Venice because I never got to visit Burano. You would think that with a week there I would have, but I missed Murano and Burano.