Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lamp and Overlook

Lamp and Overlook
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For our last evening here, we each performed a little skit in the courtyard, read from a poem or story, sang. The cooks prepared an AWESOME barbeque for us, and our parting dessert was tiramisu -- OUTSTANDING!

I have to admit to crying as we left for Venice the next morning. I felt so welcomed and cared for and so at home here. From the grounds to the food to the people to the early morning birds, THIS is the Italy I think of and dream of. It was so hard to say goodbye.

On a funny note - the morning we left, the folks were picking mulberries from one of their enormous trees. When I got home to North Carolina, for the first year ever, our own young mulberry had borne sufficient mulberries for us to pick. I rendered them into jam yesterday -- Although I have picked mulberries for years and made jam while in South Carolina, THIS wee tree in Oxford, and THIS year's first bounty, will forever tie me to La Romita.

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