Monday, June 08, 2009

Musicians at St. Marco

Musicians at St. Marco
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We walked through the square at St. Marco where two restaurant bands seemed to be competing for business and attention.

But can you imagine? A cooling night, that special just-evening glow, music drifting across ancient stones, people, the scents of mouth-watering food, the sound of water and cooing of pigeons -- all of it heady and fairyland quality! I probably caught more flies that night since my mouth stayed open so much!

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Joan said...

Lin - This brings back so many memories! My husband has been writing music for years, but doesn't really play any instruments. He had the premier of one of his pieces of music played on that stage in Venice. While we were there we went to hear one orchestra every night. My husband went every afternoon too. By the end of our time there he had become friendly with the musicians. He had a piece of his music with him and the musicians played it before we left. He has since recorded 2 albums of music with the violinist and piano player who we met. I do recognize some of the musicians in this photo.