Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Old Olive, La Romita

An Old Olive, La Romita
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La Romita

Before leaving La Romita, I sat in front of this ancient olive tree and tried to capture the twists and turns, bits of sunlight and that incredible blue-grey foliage of olives.

The trees were in flower ... a delicate, soft white/grey that one could hardly see .. but promised that ever popular fruit that has made Italy, and this region, famous.

I took many photos of the olives and will paint several more .. I just love them!

We're off to another Garden with a group of Arboretum guests today ...fingers crossed for fair weather!


Teresa said...

Lin, this is lovely! I love your color choices.

I'm playing catch up again with blogs... thanks to the IE upgrade that ended up being a downgrade to no internet at all!

Joan said...

Nice job on this!! I love the twisting branches of the olive trees. They fascinated me too.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is gorgeous. I just love love love trees -- the more unusual the better. This is so neat; I've not seen an olive tree in bloom.
Great job!

Jona said...

Very nice painting of this characteristic tree of the Mediterranean. I think you captured the color of the foliage really well. I like the pale colors on this one. They give atmosphere. Wonderful ground.