Thursday, June 04, 2009

Robyn and I

Robyn and I
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There were so many wonderful memories and highlights of this trip. And certainly one of them was meeting Robyn ...whom I met several years ago through her wonderful blog and artwork -

Robyn met me at the Duomo in Orvieto. Traveling with 23 people and a small van made me quite late for our appointment, but I was so glad she waited despite the heat! I knew her instantly! And as we embraced, the conversation of wheres and whatfors and Italy and art and tours and lunch .. began and ended ONLY when our van was leaving for the day and Robyn had to return to her home in another town in Tuscany. What sheer magic and delight to meet her! And what a privilege to travel all these miles -- both via the Internet and later by air -- to meet someone in person after sharing art and written words.

Grace ... sheer, incredible grace.

Thank YOU Robyn for the priviledge of meeting you in person, for the sharing, the lunch, the long walks,your kindest gift, and most of all-- for you! What a blessing!

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