Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spello Wall

Spello Wall
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Travel Journal
Spello, Italy

I didn't need too much encouragement (LOL) to give this colorful wall we saw in Spello a try. I think my perspective is a bit off ... but I am pleased with keeping things light and getting close to the wonderful blue of the lobelia baskets.

It's raining again, and we've already experienced flooded roads, woodlands, and don't even mention the weeds -- they think they've reached Nirvana! GEEZ ...

It's been an incredibly busy time with budget crises, retirement events for our college president, training of student helpers, preparations for next year. I'm hoping for a restive weekend -- these long days and nights are mighty tiring!

Stay dry and safe!


Teri C said...

Oh wow Lin, its beautiful and that blue is awesome with the other colors.

Joan said...

Beautiful colors and excellent stonework!!! I can see why you wanted to paint this view!! Well done!

Jona said...

Hello Lin,

very delicate this one. I love how you are painting walls - with each new painting more. Wonderful blue.

Same weather by us this weekend :(