Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vegetable Market on a Venice Boat

Travel Journal
Venice Market

It was so enjoyable to see Emily and Nick last night! How quickly they are growing! I believe Emily will be as 'tall' as I am before she finishes elementary school! We did the ususal walk and arts, played softball before the heat returned us to the house.

Yet as much as I love being back in the familiar rural space I live, I am reluctant to let go of my time in Italy. I return there as I paint or sketch, or scan photos for painting, and thus keep my dreams and memories vivid.

Here, a market in Venice - on a boat tied to the dock - colorful, fragrant, crowded! There is much chatter going on from the folks passing by, bargaining for fresh vegetables, sharing news of the morning. The boat rocks a bit when 'traffic' passes ....and all the while I drink in those moments, that time, that bit of daily life unlike my own.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully unique subject and lovely painting. Ah my heart goes out to you; it must have been difficult to return. I wish for you a whole summer there sometime soon!

Pat said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing. Keep taking those mind vacations.

Joan said...

Great job on this moving market!!! I love how the Venetians went about their lives like the canals, the bridges, and all the steps were nothing!!! You captured the atmosphere of this well!!

Jona said...

Oooh, I have a special memory of this one :)... Beautiful capture.