Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Travel Journal
Sketched in Venice
Painted in NC

Taking the time to sketch while enjoying Venice was exceedingly difficult. I did manage a sketch, however, but couldn't get it painted until I got back to North Carolina.

This view was one of the first we saw in Venice .. and, gardener that I am, wished Icould get behind those iron gates to see what was there!

We're having bouts of heavy rains and winds each afternoon ... more expected today and more, unfortunatley, expected on yet another of our field trips to a garden. My fingers are crossed that we'll get clear weather enough to tour the gardens before the showers. Afterall, THIS is the trip we scheduled from the last 'RAINED OUT' event! LOL


Joan said...

I love seeing your photos and this painting. I recognize all the spots! I even have my own photos of most of them. lol

We have been having lousy weather too. I want to be able to do some plein air painting but it is too wet and damp! Hope things go well.

Teri C said...

It is such a lovely view and you left us all wonderfing what was behind those gates lol.

"JeanneG" said...

Really nice job. I love all the beautiful photos. I have never been to Italy and doubt I will ever make it. Nice to visit it thru you. Isn't it nice to instantly connect with a new friend? It has happened to me a couple times and amazes me how it happens.

Anonymous said...

Ah another day of traveling along with you by photos and words. What a plethora of unique shots today -- so many different ones and such a feast for the eyes. Love your painting too by the way!!

Jona said...

Beautiful painting, Lin. I remember how you were sketching it in the Hotel Courtyard :))) Nice memories. :))

I especially like how you handled the greens behind the gate (brings depth).