Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Window - Civita' di Bagnoreggio

Daily Journal
Civita' di Bagnoreggio
7" x 10"

Returning to work yesterday was a challenge! LOL A short week, goodbye events for our president, planning welcome events for the new president, a holiday week, students away -- sure made it difficult to concentrate! LOL

I began this painting Sunday evening and finished it last night at the B&B. I've been using my 7" x 10" hand-made, watercolor, spiral journal - and really like the size for practice pieces. I have one slightly smaller that I like to use when time is really short ... the smaller size helps me focused on keeping things manageable in the time I have.

We're in for another hot day, and we've begun the arduous task of trying to get water around the 5 acres of plants ...

Stay cool!


Teri C said...

It is beautiful Lin. Great modeling with the shadows and light.

Joan said...

Beautiful job on this!!! Love the colors and the light and shadow on the wall!