Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple 1

Apple 1
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Daily Practice

We're off to the Apple Festival today with a group of 45 folks -- then we'll take in some of the area gardens. The weather is supposed to cooperate and only give us a 'bit' of rain - fingers crossed.

I had a most difficult time painting apples last night .... I could get my reds and greens to resist making mud! LOL But I managed one apple that wasn't too dark, and so I'm posting it here for the Apple Festival trip.

We won't be back until late tonight ... so I'll try to catch up later this evening.

Hope your day is grand! I'll be thinking of fall gardens and red apples!


Joan said...

Have fun at the Apple Festival! This one looks good enough to bite right now!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the festival sounds great. There is one here this weekend too but we had other fish to fry!! Love the highlights on your apple.
Hope you have a fun day and take lots of photos for future use.