Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carolina Roadsides II

Carolina Roadsides II
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Daily Practice


I was greeted early this morning NOT with colored leaves and crisp autumnal weather, but insted with torrential RAIN and slight outdoor flooding at the B&B. Ah well, we are in dire need of rain, but two showers so early in the morning can be a bit -- well -- damping ...! LOL

Our students put in two beds of veggies yesterday during our six-hour class - and just in time for the rain. They all worked so hard that all of us, me included, could barely raise our arms after hauling so much soil and mulch! LOL

This scene is from the roadside by my home. I am simply enamored with the changing light and colors this time of year. The roadside is on a major thoroughfare for us with no shoulders on the road to speak of.... I had to park the car and walk several dozens of yards to capture the scene ... good exercise, but a bit unnerving with traffic! LOL

Still, I love viewing the tumbles of yellows and golds, browns and changing greens .....I do know it won't be long before they'll all be shades of grey -- so I'm truly enjoying them now. I hope you are too!


Patti G. said...

Lin, this is beautiful, I wish I could roadsides like this! :0)
Glad you got your rain,......sorry you are sore from the work of planting and hauling dirt and mulch! OUCH! I know that feeling!
Have a happy day dear one.

caseytoussaint said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely impressionistic scene Lin. Love your yellows in this one. We too have been having flooding rains; it's getting a bit tiresome about now though.

Teri C said...

Just a beautiful scene.

Jona said...

Hello dear Lin,

after some time... a short visit...
Oh, the fall... here you'll find another one enamored of it ...
A beautiful warm painting. What captured my attention particularly are the absolutely perfect "lines" you mede for the "gate", the bush, on the tree ... Very good.

Lost of hugs and kisses. Email you soon, love, Jona