Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Goldenrod Field

Goldenrod Field
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Daily Practice

It was a restive day yesterday with the rainfall we had been needing. The cleaned garden beds seemed so receptive for the extra dousing of water, and the plants still flowering, seemed to 'perk up' with the day's rain.

It'll be a super busy week again. We're preparing for our college president's inauguration and a college open house that should bring in hundreds of guests. We've eight activities planned and the four of us involved should be pretty tired by the end of the week. We're also preparing the outdoors AND indoors so everything looks extra nice, and we're hoping that the rain will hold off enough so we can get to the last need for edging and pruning. The rain yesterday will have given the weeds a 'boost' as well.

I'll only have Sunday off this week, which means a day to launder clothes and repack for the following week - so I may be a bit scarce around the 'net. It seems each of my weekends this month has a work commitment. C and I will have to celebrate our wedding anniversary next month! LOL

The painting is of a field of goldenrod seen near my home. That yellow truly brightens up a rainy day! So many folks blame their fall hayfever on the goldenrod. Truth be told, goldenrod pollen is far to heavy to be windborne --- Instead, the culprit is the ragweed, which also blooms about now. There are hundreds of varieties of goldenrods. My favorite is the sweet goldenrod, Solidago odorata. The leaves, when crushed, smell like black licorice - and make a fabulous tea!

Have a great week!


caseytoussaint said...

Wow - that is incredible!

Patti G. said...

This is beautiful, the light and darks make me want to get closer!
:0) If you find a goldenrod that smells like RED licorice, let me know......I do not like the black! Hehehehe!!!!!!!
Good luck with your busy work days! You always amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lin, this is just SO incredible. I just can't think of words to describe it. The softness, the glow, the darker details -- altogether make a dream-like quality that is gorgeous. You really outdid yourself on this one.

Yuk; black licorice. But I ate some red last night. Yum!

Hope you don't get too exhausted from your week and that you find some quiet time for yourself each day. Take good care of yourself.

Teri C said...


Joan said...

This is a BEAUTY!!! I love the look of goldenrod at this time of the year. And you captured it so well.

Good luck with your busy week!