Saturday, September 05, 2009

Roses and Fence

Roses and Fence
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Daily Practice

Despite evening temperatures dipping below 60F, the roses seem revived by the cooler airs. My knock-out reds and pinks are blooming for all they're worth - giving a colorful vibrancy to the dulling greens around them.

This image was painted from a photo reference. We've added several reds and pinks to the front garden, but they're not quite as large as this! Not yet anyway. The reds at the Arboretum have certainly reached this magnificent size and like mine at home, are blooming in incredible profusion.

There's a watercolor demo at my local art supply store today that I think I'll catch. It seems like nine-forevers since 'art in Italy' and I really love seeing how other artists work!

Hope your day is terrific!


Anonymous said...

The roses are beautiful Lin -- profusion is right -- and I love the softness too! Enjoy your demo and come home with lots of new ideas.

We are off to Louisville for the TEA party that is touring the country and stopping there; to promote the Campaign for Liberty; and to campaign for Rand Paul. A hot summer "August" day here LOL.

Joan said...

LOVELY!!!! I love the contrast of the pinks against the greens. Enjoy the demo! Have a great weekend.

Robyn said...

Seems like only a few weeks ago that I saw you Lin. I guess my life isn't as busy as yours ;)

The summer does seem to have evaporated my time and I've not been a good blogger for months. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing and visiting regularly in the autumn.

Dana Cochran said...

This is wonderful, Lin. I love the way the background is so soft and fades away...perfectly behind the roses.