Monday, September 28, 2009

Rudbeckias and Rocks

Rudbeckias and Rocks
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Daily Journal

The sun finally made its way out yesterday -- the sky turned September blue, the air cleared, and the scent of damp earth was wonderfully refreshing after so many days of rain. Despite a week of precipitation, we are still 7" below normal ... but nonetheless, it was good to see the sun again!

I return to my favorite roadside for inspiration and fall color, this time focusing on the Rudbeckias (black eyed Susans) and the bank of rocks. Their sunshiney color matched the day!

We're in for cooler temperatures this week, and that means the leaf color will be hastened. Already I can imagine woodsmoke and apple pies and holiday preparations .....

Meantime, it's off to work ... Mondays seems to come around mighty fast too!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting Lin. I love the detail of the rocks against the looser flowers and again your colors are terrific. Finally stopped raining here yesterday and now have sun and 60's - love it!
Have a good week.

Jona said...

Oh, Lin, this is wonderful ... such a lively scene, so beautifuly painted.