Friday, September 25, 2009


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Daily Practice

As grey skies continue to dominate our weather and the colors of autumn are in that 'between' stage of fade and full splendor, I return again to my favorite place in the world - Italy. I remember taking this view from the window of our van as we traveled from hill town to hill town ...the cypress trees, deep, rich green, poking out of the lighter shades of olive and lime like tall sentinels, a bit of white house sitting atop a hillside.

I remember so many trips to Florida when I was young and seeing similar cypress trees here and there among the palms -- and I really didn't like them at all -- their thin, vertical shapes reminding me of green telephone poles ---! LOL But tastes and experiences sure change one's opinion ... and now I can't think of Tuscany without envisioning these giant scepters against the blue skies and glowing hillsides.

Chores dominate the day today, and annual check-ups and obligations. Yesterday's high was close to 90F with humidity that was so uncomfortable and high that we all felt like we were 'molding' .... temps are supposed to cool off this weekend. I suppose summer is reluctant to move on!

Stay well!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lin I always felt the same way about Cypress trees on my visits South! But you're right, now I love seeing them in Italian scenes. Yours is gorgeous today, as always. The 90's - Whew -- awful. Hot and humid here too but not THAT bad. I am so looking forward to fall.

Sandy said...

Ahhh Tuscan dreams - Lovely Lin, have a wonderful weekend, it cooled down considerably today for us in NE.

Connie said...

You make me want to go too! Great job.

Jona said...

This is splendid!
Oh, our dear Italy .... :))))