Saturday, December 12, 2009

Barn in the Undergrowth

Barn in the Undergrowth
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Daily Practice

Winter is DEFINITELY here! The water in the cats' bowls has frozen, the trees have lost 95% of their leaves, and the temperatures leave me shivering even in down jackets ....

I turn to a bit of late summer in today's painting ... that rampant undergrowth that often accompanies abandoned barns and sheds. A hint of wildflower colors, fall on the horizon... but oh, it would be MUCH warmer outdoors! LOL

Driving around the county this time of the year emphasizes the loss of foliage and thinning of undergrowth that highlight these abandoned buildings in stark contrast. Their weathered wood, rusted roofs and littered land are all so apparent now. I snapped a few photos en route to the hospital yesterday - the old barns set against overcast grey skies ... a bit sad in that setting, and yet beautiful in their aging honesty.

Again, thank you for your most generous comments. Mike is now hooked up only to saline, is eating semi liquids and is on only oral pain medicine. The doctor said his progress has been so good that he may be coming home today or tomorrow!

We have a ton of chores to do today, including a bit of holiday shopping. Our past weeks have been so full and obligated, that it's been challenging to try to squeeze in holiday obligations ... but they're fast approaching .. and we'd better get to it!

Stay warm! It's absolutely FREEZING outside!


Lorraine said...

What a marvelous painting Lin and such a lovely description. I STILL think you should put a book together, your paintings with your descriptions. Just wonderful to see and read each morning. I love the way you captured the old wood on the barn and the rusty roof. I used to love seeing these as I rode in a car but now dare not take my eyes off the road while driving for more than a quick look!

So glad Mike is doing so well. It has been very cold here too and the outside ferals are playing and running to stay warm and I've upgraded their little shelters. I wish we could still buy heating pads that didn't automatically turn off after a certain time.
Have a great weekend.

Connie said...

YEA! The painting is great! I love the colors.

I know you will be soooooo glad to get Mike home again and re-cooping. You are all still in my prayers.

Joan said...

I smile every time I see one of your barn paintings. You capture their charm PERFECTLY!!

I'm glad to hear about Mike's progress!!!!

Stay warm! The past few mornings the temp here was about 22. I was in NYC yesterday and it was much too cold!!

Teri C said...

It is a gorgeous landscape Lin!!

Jona said...

How wonderful news about Mike!! So glad to hear he can come home already.

A beautiful painting, Lin. The roof is amazing.

Big big hugs, Jona