Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Florida Dawn

Florida Dawn
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Florida Dawn
Daily Practice

It was another late night returning to my friend's home, an so I had only a short time to sketch something for my daily practice. This image of Florida palms at day break was quick to do and reminded me of the dawn's we didn't have during our rainy week!

We're in for a fierce cold front and rain today, so I hope to leave the office at a decent hour and get to my friend's without too much trouble seeing in the storm.

We finished decorating our Christmas Tree yesterday and we joined the other 52 trees beautifully decorated for the Festival. There'll be ten days of singing and music and beautiful sights - free for the community to enjoy ....

Can Christmas really be merely weeks away?


Joan said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the yellows and reds in the sky and the dramatic palm silouhette!

Hope the rain isn't too bad. Enjoy your day!

Genine said...

beautiful Lin!