Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fruit Challenge

Fruit Challenge
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Daily Practice

Beth ( has posed a challenge for the "Watercolourist Painting With Light Group" and while helping Mike yesterday at the hospital, I had a chance to paint it. The fruit has been identified as a 'star fruit' -- and looking at my painting this morning, it looks as though I've left them floating in the sky! LOL

Again, thank you for your good wishes for my son. He continues to improve. His pain was kept at bay yesterday, though by last night, he was incredibly uncomfortable. He didn't sleep well and dosed periodically during the day. He'd be chatting to me, then get quiet as he dozed off mid sentence, and yet in less than 15 minutes, he would awaken. I'm hoping he got through the night with a bit more sleep. Today he will be encouraged to get up and move around. I must get to the office for a little while today, so I'll be dashing back to help him walk the hallways -- always a difficult, painful time, especially juggling IV tubes, oxygen and the other supporting equipment he needs during his recovery.

The winds howled most of the day and night last evening. In fact, when I dashed home to get a meal, our power was off, and so I had to turn around and go back into town to find something to eat. I fed the cats by candlelight.

Power was restored by the time I got home from seeing Mike ...thank heavens.

Hope you day is terrific!


Teri C said...

Beauteous fruit Lin and great news about your son!!

Lorraine said...

Well stars DO float in the sky!!! Lovely painting of an unusual shaped fruit. I've seen them; they are difficult to paint and get those angles right. Good job!

All you have to do and the power goes out too! So glad Mike is making good progress.

Finally our winds are over; they gusted to 60 mph yesterday; SUVs and vans were said to be like driving pages of paper down the road and were pushed from one lane to the other with the wind. I canceled my plans and stayed home and off the interstate. Light dusting of snow this a.m. and the bitter cold has arrived again.

Stay warm and safe. Sending good wishes to Mike for continued recovery.

Joan said...

Lovely job on the the color shading!!

I'm so glad Mike is improving and that you are there so much to help him.

It's windy up here too!! I'm planning on a little Christmas shopping, some baking, and some sketching to round out my day. Have a great one!