Sunday, December 06, 2009


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Daily Practice

It was raw, rainy and so cold yesterday. We did some running in the morning, and then hibernated in the afternoon. We've gotten some of our gifts for the grands wrapped, a few decorations up, but all the while we seemed confined to indoors, I was hoping for snow! Didn't come though .... not even a flake, and so I thought I'd brighten the grey day with some flowers .....

There's a lot of negative painting in this and it took a lot longer than it might seem ... but the concentration needed to find shapes and colors was fun and took my mind off the dampness.

The sun is almost up and the day promises to be a bit sunnier ...Have a great one!


Lorraine said...

Wow; the details on this are so lovely; all those soft but detailed edges merging into each other. You had an amazing range yesterday!

We woke to the snow you wanted yesterday, very icy conditions on the highways, and severely cold. It went down into the low 20's last night. Brrr, you can have this weather, I'm already ready for spring!!

annie said...

These brightened MY day, for sure, Lin. Lorraine has said it all--those flowing colors and softness...

Connie said...

It was nasty wasn't it! I love the pic. The negative painting must have taken forever but it was really worth it. Beautiful!

Joan said...

Ooooooooooh! This is lovely!!! Excellent negative painting! I'm glad it lifted you out of yesterday's weather gloom. We had the same conditions up here with a few flurries thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Teri C said...

WOWZERS! it is just gorgeous!! My new fav.