Monday, December 21, 2009

A Light for the Solstice

A Light for the Solstice
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Today marks the Winter Solstice - the longest night of the year. It's only fitting that we as humans light a candle against the intense darkness that will seem to last forever. The snow still blankets the ground here, and the intense cold gives the remaining snowpiles a distinctive CRUNCH. The temps will rise as the solstice ends, and minute by minute daylight will lengthen as we move toward the spring.

It will be a week of holiday preparations as I begin the holiday cooking this morning. A few traditional dishes, our annual cheesecake, last minute errands, and a few more shelves tidied and organized (this chore will last throughout spring too I'm afraid! LOL). Our celebrations will be modified this year - the reality of the recession, family distances and circumstances being what they are. And yet, the solemnity and joy of the occasion remain.

It's Christmas ....a holy time.


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous painting Lin and lovely sentiment. I too love the winter solstice day and light all my beautiful lamps -- early today as it is cold and overcast but thankfully the roads are clear and should remain so for a few days not. I feel so for those in the paths of the various storms.
Happy Solstice to you.

Teri C said...

Oh WOW Lin, what a beautiful painting and a beautiful thought.

Joan said...

This shows the spirit of the light so well...nicely done!!! I know you've had a lot going on lately, which I'm sure reinforces how important family is at this time of year.