Saturday, December 19, 2009

Morning Snow

Morning Snow
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Daily Practice

There's a hush that falls along with the snow ... a soft blanketing of the sounds that we often take for granted in our busy days, but which snow seems to muffle into a silence I've rarely 'heard' any other time.

I sat awaiting our 'snow event' ... this painting done more from anticipation than from my window....

But she came ... snow from the south is a different snow most often than when our snow arrives from the north. Big flakes, feather soft - but cold, dropping slowly at first, and then engulfing us in a winter white. The scene outside my door was magical. Snow in our part of North Carolina is infrequent .. so its anticipation is eager for most of us .. but schools and businesses closed early since we deal with snow or ice poorly. But oh, to be home and warm and cozied inside with snow on the ground -- it's a blessed event!

I did manage to get one room organized. I had to laugh at Dee's comment yesterday. She said organizing was like losing the last five pounds ... you just keep doing it over and over! LOL So right -- DEE!! I thought about that all afternoon as I moved things from one spot to another, one box to a different one ... sigh ... endless ... like chasing dust. Still, the tops of my workspaces are clean enough to find my paint brushes!

It's sleeting this morning ... the sound of mini ice specks hitting the skylights isn't as nice as listening to the snow's silence and the ice on the steps and drive will need care to maneuver around .. and yet, that winter whiteness is still on the trees and ground, and I'm loving it!


Lorraine said...

So glad you finally got your snow and made such a beautiful painting in anticipation! We had lots of very cold rain and then snow so now we have slush. A good day to stay inside except for feeding the outdoor kitties who took full advantage of the carriers for warmth last night. And yes I always say that my organizing and reorganizing is like moving the deck chairs on the Titanic. Good luck with it.

Robyn said...

Such a beautiful snowscape, Lin. My very best wishes for a safe and cosy Christmas for you and your family. xox

Joan said...

Lin - You captured it beautifully!!!! I'm glad you had a nice view of it to paint. I also love how the snow muffles the sounds of everything while it is falling.

Here at the eastern end of Long Island they are telling us to expect 8-12 inches by the time the storm is done tomorrow. I don't have a great view from my windows, so I hope to get out to take some photos when it stops. (I somehow lost all the snow photos I took last year!)

Stay warm and dry and enjoy!!!

Teri C said...

It looks like a Christmas postcard! Beautiful!

caseytoussaint said...

You really captured the silent snow feeling, Lin.

Connie said...

This is beautiful and I love what you wrote.