Friday, December 04, 2009

Roses - After Janet Rogers

Roses - After Janet Rogers
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I arrived home very late last night (long day) ... but as I was driving, this HUGE ORANGE BALL slowly emerged from the earth -- I almost drove off the road trying to get a better view of that incredible globe! The moon rise last night reminded me of a harvest moon - so large and orange and absolutely illuminating the sky and much of the earth beneath. All the way home I kept imagining how I would paint it ---

But, by the time I unpacked the car, fed the scrambling cats, brought in the mail, put on the wash, etc, etc, I had hit the wall and couldn't even finish painting the sketch I made over lunch yesterday.

So I'm posting this painting I did a few months ago. It's bsed on Janet Rogers unusual method of loosening up her flower paintings ... I have yet to master her technique - but I so love how she achieves such tones and freedom in her work.

This early morning it's dashing around helping my son with his pre-op requirements. And, one of my generous students gave me a deer last night, so I will be taking that to the butcher early this morning to cut into venison roasts, cube steak (my son's favorite) and sausage.

We've also discovered that one of our cats is gone ... Target, one of the larger males, seems to have disappeared. We've also had one of our neighbors move in the last three weeks. They were the original owners of my cat's mother, Boots, so we're hoping that perhaps they fell in love with Target's spots as much as we did and took him with them when they moved.

I hope today is a bit less busy and I can return to my art table. We're in for another storm tomorrow, with the tease of perhaps a few snowflakes ...

Have a great Friday!


Lorraine said...

Lovely roses and the vase is so intersting too. Wow; you are so busy little Energizer bunny. Best wishes on Mike's surgery. Sending positive energy his way.

So sorry to hear about the kitty. I love my sweatshirt of him. And yes I hope he has a new home too.

I didn't see the moon last night but have seen several like that and I am always truly amazed at their beauty.

Hope you can get SOME rest this weekend and some painting time.

Joan said...

I like the soft look to the roses, but the vase is SUPER!!!! It looks like it was glowing.

Unfortunately I didn't notice the moon last night. I was in Manhattan until late visiting with a WetCavas friend who is here from India for a few weeks. Her arrival has given me the inspiration to go into the city and see it with her a few times. We keep saying we're going to sketch, but we end up walking and talking for hours. We did promise to meet next week and go to the Metropolitan Museum for a day.

Hope the kitty is safe!

Enjoy your day!