Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow's Corner

Snow's Corner
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Daily Practice

Snow -- I'm afraid it's not hard to see how much I'm enjoying this wee snowfall! LOL Somehow it puts me in the mood for the holidays, fires my inspiration and apparently I enjoy painting it! LOL So I have to apologize for the same subject day after day ....! LOL It's almost gone from my property, though. Still it lingers as ice on my front steps, under the trees, over some tractor implements. As temps reach mid 40sF today, I'm afraid more snow will be gone, until by Christmas, it will all turn into the wet, rain event we're promised. Sigh.

My son and I have a date today - after my check-up, we'll have a leisurely lunch and do a bit of last minute holiday shopping. Our one- on-one lunches are as prized and infrequent these days as the snow. Work, children, obligations keep us from doing this more often -- but not today!

I can't think of a more wonderful and cherished gift than knowing our children as adults - when we change our predominent role as their 'parents' and become more of their 'friend' -- adult to adult. Talking, laughing, remembering ... that sense of a shared history ... all rolled into time spent together ... a blessing, a grace. It's been years since my daughter, 300 miles away, and I could do the same ... but perhaps next year ... we'll find a day when we can postpone obligations long enough to suspend ourselves in a few magic moments....

May you be safe today ... and may you too create a few minutes of grace with one you love ....


Lorraine said...

I, for one, never tire of snow pictures or seeing it from the other side of a window!! Today's offering is incredible Lin. I am truly amazed at the way you have made the snow have depth and gullies and the blue shadowing is perfect. You have developed a terrific eye for seeing and then transposing what you see (in reality or in your mind's eye) to paper. This has to be one of your very best yet. All the details and the incredible snow work. Snow is very hard to do and you have mastered it. My hat is off to you dear friend.

Enjoy your lunch with Mike. I am so glad he is well enough to get out and have lunch with a very special mom.
Hugs and Love,

Teri C said...

Just beautiful Lin. Wow, so beautiful.

Joan said...

Wow!!!! This is gorgeous...perfect snow shadows!!!

Our snow was so deep it was hard to get anywhere close enough to take photos...I'm glad for my zoom lens. I did get a lot of photos of kids sledding yesterday, so hopefully I will get to paint some of those. I did 2 small ATCs of kids with sleds yesterday. I'll be heading to Maine for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy!!

Desiree said...

Beautifully painted! I love the shadows and although it is perfectly painted I prefer it on paper than in person... snow. I loved your post, the lunch with your son. It is so true, finding that time to visit with our adult kids. It is such a special time, have a Merry Christmas