Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Glow

Snow Glow
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Daily Practice

Ever notice a pink glow to an evening ... and wherever you look - trees, fence, weeds, sky, snow --- there's a crimson cast over it all .... This painting is to honor that pink state ... the rosyness of the sunset lingering in the blush of nightfall ...

We had a wonderful time ... my son and I ... a good lunch, a quiet time of shared talk and lives suspected from obligations to simple 'be' in the company of someone we love. It's been a rough year for this young man and so spending a bit of quiet time to simply relax was an absolute gift.

I got home in time to fry some of our traditional 'snowflakes' (rosettes), and today I bake our family's version of cheesecake. A few more packages to wrap and we'll be ready for our celebration tomorrow.

It's been a quiet kind of getting ready for the season this year ... and I'm eternally grateful for that. Frenzy seems to be the password for life lately, and this slowing down for a while has been a blessing.

Stay warm ... and may your last days of preparation be slow enough to savor.


Lorraine said...

Oh Lin you keep outdoing yourself. Yes, I've seen that rosy glow and you've captured it beautifully. You continue to amaze me.
I'm so glad that this season has been a quieter time for you -- after all you've been through this year -- you were over due for some simple pleasures and a bit of serenity.

I've been out and done the last of the grocery shopping, filled the car with gas, picked up wonderful hearty breads at Great Harvest, and even had time to go into Michael's and use that 50% coupon only good for today! The traffic was light this early so that was a blessing and the sun is out two days in a row. Yeah!
Hugs and Love,

caseytoussaint said...

This is beautiful, Lin. You should frame it.

Teri C said...

Wow, just gorgeous Lin!!! Wow!

Joan said...

Lin - This is LOVELY!!! I love the colors and the shadows!

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your son. I think it was good for both of you to enjoy some "normal" time together.

I am in Maine visiting my sister, who has barely a dusting of snow on the ground. lol It is COLD!!! I hope it warms up tomorrow. We will be up here a few days and maybe I will get to paint something up here between all the Christmas excitement. Have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!! All the best to you and your family!