Monday, December 14, 2009

Solitary Tree

Solitary Tree
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Daily Practice

Ever find yourself unable to paint anything else but what is right before you? The weather apparently has gotten into my bones and eyes this weekend, and rain, cold, and fog seem to flow from my paintbrush despite other attempts. This started out as a landscape in fog, our weather this morning, and before long turned into rain ...the weather of the day. Ah well ... I may have to find a way to spend some time at a florist so I can find pink and green again on my pallet! LOL

This 'painting that comes from somewhere else' is new to me -- though I've often experienced it when I write ... very interesting ...

Things are progressing for Mike and he sounded better yesterday, though still uncomfortable. C's jam went well, and he was surprised at the crowd that showed up -- some of his friends he hadn't seen for a while due to their other obligations ... what a merry sound they made ... the house was dancing!

I'm off to a two-day conference today in preparation of a grant we hope to write's icy and very foggy outside so it'll be a slow go ....

Stay well!


Lorraine said...

Ah, yes I remember well writing taking on a life of it's own. In fact Ursula Hegi has a great book about that. I love her books.

Well, you must have been "meant" to paint what was before you as it turned out so well. What a true rendition of these dreary days -- and how nice to turn them into art and be able to enjoy them, if not the actual weather!

Drive safely, enjoy the conference, and big hugs,

Teri C said...

Beautifully done and looks very wintery.

Jona said...

So wonderful that Mike is home. I'm sure in a warm environment, surrounded by dear people, he'll heal completely much sooner.

It would be a waste if you wouldn't paint what is right before you … as honey, this is FANTASTIC!!

Hugs to the whole family. Take good care of each other.

Joan said...

Sometimes you just have to paint what is there!! You did a great job on the rain painting...nice somber colors.

Be careful on the roads! Our rain turned to slippery conditions last night...I was glad to stay home!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

hugs, chris