Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunrise on the Islands

Sunrise on the Islands
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Daily Practice
20 Min.

Last year, Wetcanvas offered a class on Easy Wash Techniques ( and with a bit of time this holiday, I thought I'd finally play with some of the ideas presented.

The paper is wet thoroughly, and rich, deep pigment is added horizontally on the paper. The paper is then moved so that the paint flows -- and then left to 'do its thing' and dry. After drying, you are encouraged to use the 'background' in some way related to the results you achieved. This was one of my results. I added the rocks on the left and right, and in the creation of the rocks on the right, it looked like tiny hotels .. reminding me of Italy or Greece. I added the reflections and left it as it was .... a bit abstract, a bit like the islands off Italy and Greece ... a bit sky and that wonderful terra cotta color.

The exercise was fun and encouraged 'going with the flow' ....

Give it a try ...!


Lorraine said...

Oh the colors just glow -- glorious! And I love the details you've added. A beautiful painting to see on a very frigid morning here.
Hugs and Love,

Joan said...

I love this!! Gorgeous colors and great job on the rocks...and those little hotels. lol Don't you just love the surprises you sometimes get with watercolors?
Have a great day!!

Teri C said...

It is just beautiful!!!