Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunset Walk Along the Water

Sunset Walk Along the Water
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Daily Practice

MIKE'S HOME!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And though he's in pain as he continues the healing process without the strong pain meds he was receiving in the hospital, his COMFORT level for being at home is enormous! He left the hospital early afternoon yesterday. C and I did some holiday and grocery shopping for ourselves and for Mike, and by late last night, we had his cupboards filled. His girlfriend picked up his meds, and though he was struggling with aches and pains, he was feeling very relieved to be home.

This painting was inspired by all the freezing cold we've been having. I don't do well in the cold and tend to hibernate as much as I can. We were out in the bustle and freezing temps yesterday, and I longed so much to be warm again without down jackets, gloves, car heaters and all that STUFF! LOL

I awoke to rain this morning, so I'm grateful we did get so much done yesterday. C's friends come for dinner and a jam session ... and with Mike at home resting, C playing music, and one more day home before a two day conference, I think I'm going to find a corner of the upstairs to rest, paint, and maybe nap. It's been a looonnnnggg number of weeks!

Have a restive one!


Joan said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love sunsets...they give the feeling of the promise of tomorrow.

I'm so glad Mike is home!!! You must all be doing a dance of joy!

We have rain here today, which is fine for a day of baking cookies and writing out cards. Have a restful day!!! You deserve it.

Lorraine said...

Oh Lin this is gorgeous. You are really painting what is in your heart. Love the people; can't ever remember seeing them in your paintings before. I feel like I could walk right into this painting and along the sand!

So glad Mike is doing so well, is home, and has someone there with him.

And so glad you are inside and warm! Happy painting.

annie said...

So glad that Mike is home and feeling more comfort there. It sounds like a happy gathering, one on top of another, but it would make me think of a nap, for sure.

The painting is lovely and the people walking there really add to it.


Gabrielle said...

Glad to hear your son is home and on the mend. Beautiful painting!

Jona said...

Wonderful news, Lin!!

Beautiful colors in the painting.