Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wishing for Snow

Wishing for Snow
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Daily Practice

There's a storm brewing and we're expecting more rain. It's been cold, damp, raw --- and I'm thinking if we're going to be THIS miserable with the weather, we should at least enjoy the white fluffy stuff ....But it doesn't look like we'll get snow any time soon. Rain, even thunderstorms, are predicted this afternoon ... so I suppose if I'm going to see snow, I'm going to have to paint it!

Mike spent a miserable day yesterday preparing for surgery, and we drive to the hospital later this morning. I'll be gone all day with his surgery. I'll be back and forth from hospital to work the rest of the week so I suppose it's just as well the snow holds off a bit.

I'll check in as I can ... meanwhile .. have a warm, sunny day!


Lorraine said...

Now there's a sensible idea -- paint the snow instead of "doing a snow dance to make it come" LOL. Your painting is beautiful and I love the dark muted colors against the stark white.

Sorry Mike had such a miserable day. My thoughts are with you both this week. Take good care of yourself too.

Joan said...

It is much better to paint the snow than actually have it on the ground...especially when it looks as great as it does in your painting!!!

Let's think warm thoughts for all of you this week. All the best!

annie said...

Late entry but this is such lovely snow, and I am enjoying your foggy lake, too.

Thinking about Mike and all of you with love and hope.


Teri C said...

This is so gorgeous it almost makes me want snow. Almost!