Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arched Door - Allan Kirk

Arched Door - Allan Kirk
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Daily Practice

Though I've painted dozens of doors, I decided to try this one from Allan Kirk ( I am enjoying learning his 'wash' approach - a bit different that the direct approach used by other artists. I also like the soft, impressionistic results. I have to admit too, that the images that Allan offers are some of the most beautiful landscapes and just those kinds of small European towns that I love!

That virus and the consequences of intense weeks of work, are still hanging on, and I find myself still pretty draggy. The sunshine and warm temps this weekend have helped, as has several naps (and yes catching up with some overdue chores) -- but I have to admit to still be a bit 'under the weather.' I've one more day of rest before another wild week.

Still, it's wonderful to see that bright sun, be able to walk outdoors with being knocked over by the wind, and remove at least ONE layer of clothing!

Charles has his jam today, so I'm looking forward to hearing some fine music and the laughter of friends.

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Very lovely painting; very unusual door. I love the softness of the entire painting.

Glad you are getting some much needed rest. We also enjoyed some sun and 39-40 degree temps yesterday and again today before the big freeze hits again tomorrow.

Have a restful day!

Teri C said...

Interesting direction of light! And very pretty.
Take today to rest and recup Lin.

Joan said...

I love the door and the play of light and shadow in this!!! Funny, but I'm working on a painting of a big blue door/window in Venice.