Friday, February 19, 2010

Corn in High Summer

Corn in High Summer
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Daily Practice

When times are as rough as they've been the last couple of weeks and fatigue makes it hard to concentrate, I turn to that WetCanvas lesson that uses wet washes to create a background and one's imagination to finish the piece (

This 'hot' painting -- (I suppose it' s my need for the kind of sunshine that actually warms us! LOL) came from this exercise .... all that glow and sun reminded me of the cornfields of our county on a blinding summer's day --- the sun so bright you can hardly see the green in the corn... the entire field ablaze with light ....

I've a ton of things to catch up with this weekend so I'll be scarce. But more than those pesky chores, I do so hope to spend some quality time returning to painting and the leisure and relaxation it represents.

Take care.


Teri C said...

I love this 'hot' summer light!

Lorraine said...

Oh yes I remember those days -- when even sunglasses didn't help. What a glorious painting, not only full of light but the light is so glowing! Love it! We are having a bit of sun here today and a little warmer temps -- until tomorrow -- so I have opened the curtains for the inside kitties to bask in the sun. The outside kitties are running around and enjoying it too, even though there's lots of snow still on the ground.
Have a restful weekend if you can and enjoy painting.

Teresa said...

You definitely achieved that "golden summer light" look.. it's really beautiful (even though I prefer cold weather! :-)

Joan said...

Oh how I would love to feel that sunshine on my body now!!! This has such wonderful feeling.

I feel like I'm running in circles the last few days. I had to drive paintings about 2 hours to a show I'm in, had a funeral mass to go to, have a family party tomorrow, and hope to go back up to see the paintings hanging in the NE Watercolor Society's Member's Show on Sunday.

Have a great weekend...hope you can relax.

Pat said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog today and catching up on all I have missed.