Saturday, February 06, 2010

Grasses in the Snow - Crop

Grasses in the Snow - Crop
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Daily Practice

The weather ... it seems to occupy me more than usual. My paint date was cancelled due to snow, which later turned to sleet, and later still, turned to rain, and rain and more rain. We're under a 'flood' advisory with the all the rain that has fallen. We're also expecting another 'dusting' of snow - which, depending on the air mass stream, either will miss us completely, or turn into an 'event,' or turn into more rain. Everything is muddy, damp and wet - and puddles are everywhere. Whew.

This afternoon we make our way to my son's to celebrate Emily's sixth birthday. It truly floors me to think that six years have already passed since the day she was born! I still so vividly remember my son announcing her birth! She's in school, learning to read and write, and so 'grown-up' in her mannerisms and speech. My gracious.

This painting is based on the snow we had last week and the many grasses (which I love!!) we have on our property. Despite all the rain, patches of the white stuff are still lingering in spots, and for me, I'd rather have the snow than all this rain! LOL

Thank you for your most generous and kind comments yesterday. Your encouragement truly keeps me picking up the brush no matter how little time I might have .... Thank you!

Take care today. The Mid-Atlantic states are scheduled for a true blizzard and heavy snow. Please be safe.


Lorraine said...

Both versions are wonderful Lin. I really like the way you've done the shadows and the little hills and valleys around the grasses -- so realistic! Your range of subjects amazes me -- what a great way to practice and learn, trying so many different things -- and each time you succeed! You make it look easy yet I know it isn't!!

Same weather here. Brr but at least we are not in Washington DC.
Stay warm and well and happy birthday to Emily.

lyn said...

Lovely blog! I didn't know NC got so much snow? I admire artists that post often, I'm going to try more this year.
continued success!

Joan said...

Wow!!! This is lovely!! I love the colors in the snow and the dimension of the holes around the grasses...just perfectly done.

The storm seems to have missed us. We have maybe a 1/4 if an inch so far and it is barely flurrying. I hope the rains down there don't create a major problem. Enjoy the party!!

Teri C said...

Love the minimalist view. Snow makes everything so beautiful in the beginning.

Jona said...

I'm IN LOVE with your snow and grasses paintings.

I'm sorry you had to cancel your painting day. Hope you are all fine and safe with that extreem weather.