Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guy Morning

Guy Morning
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Daily Practice

This is my interpretation of a photo (with permission) by a most talented friend Guy ( of a Canadian morning sunrise -- THANk YOU, Guy, once more!

This morning's sun has just broken the treeline, and she's a welcome sight! It's been warmer lately, though we've snow predicted for the middle of next week.

Got some chores done yesterday and that feels great. We went to dinner last night - a fine French restaurant - Oh yes, overindulged indeed --! Followed by a family bluegrass band .... It seems like 19 forevers since C and I spent an evening out ... and it was so good to do something so simple together.

Today, a bit of rest, a bit of work (I have a major training session to conduct next week) and preparations for classes.

But the sun is shining -- and the light is immensely cheering!

Take care!


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous sunrise Lin. So colorful and replaces the real one we are apparently not having here today!! Another gloomy, dark winter day with more snow predicted on Tuesday.

Glad you had a night out on the town!!

Joan said...

Beautiful firey sky!!! Nicely done!!

Glad you had a fun time out last night. Our weather has been a bit warmer, but with mostly ugly grey skies. I'm hoping the snow stays away. I'm supposed to go with my sister on Tuesday to the Philadelphia flower show. I've never gone before and we miss it every year.

Have a great day!