Monday, February 15, 2010

Marsh Grass

Marsh Grass
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Daily Practice

This painting was done last week as I was dreaming of marshlands, spring, spartina grasses and all the rich life that goes on in these bodies of water.

The bodies of those here in SC are still sick. It's been a restless night with fevered and crying children, my dd's and my own body aches, chills, weakness, headache.

Yet this morning, we're both able to 'try' a cup of coffee and the baby is holding down her formula, Taylor says she's feeling better and looks like her fever has broken.

I hope we'll be recovering today ... it's been rough seas for us....

Depending on how everyone is after a while will determie if I can drive back to NC and to work -- I've another meetng and obligation filled week ...

Take care ...


Lorraine said...

The rich colors of the sea grasses against the color of the water is incredible. And oh those shadows. What a terrific painting Lin.

I am so sorry to hear that you and your daughter both have become ill. Please take it easy and stay another day -- or at least go home and rest instead of going to work. (Otherwise you'll give whatever you have to all your colleagues and students!). Take good care of yourself and all good wishes for a quick recovery for you all.

Teri C said...

Beautiful and rich and just fantastic!!!

Joan said...

Love the dramatic, deep colors of the grasses. LOVELY!!!!!!!!