Friday, February 05, 2010

Moor Top - Allan Kirk

Moor Top - Allan Kirk
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Daily Practice

This painting was done from another of Allan Kirk's lessons ( appealed to me about this image was that brooding storm and the fields leading into the further distance.

Our skies look just like this today. We're expecting another bout of icy rain, sleet and snow. I live in an area that could get a light dusting, or if the weather patterns shift ever slightly, another foot of the white stuff.

BTW, Allan has a new blog -- take a look

I'm to paint with a friend today and at the moment, the clouds are merely gathering. I'll have to keep an eye upwards so I can return home before the storm hits.

Stay safe and warm today. Temps have fallen dramatically!


Teresa said...

Beautiful, Lin! Love the contrast of the sky against the grassy area. Gorgeous colors!

Lorraine said...

Ooh love the depth of field of this one and the colors. Truly lovely!

We are in the same weather pattern and I was supposed to take supplies to the stamp store to play today but we're going to make it a quick lunch and trip to Michael's instead. The rain is SO cold and the poor outdoor kitties are probably in the drainage pipes.

Have a good "paint" and stay safe.

Joan said...

This is gorgeous!!! I love how the clouds draw you in. Looks like trouble is brewing!! Just lovely!!!

Hope the storm isn't too bad. It is heading up here and reports vary between 2-8 inches depending on how it moves. Stay safe and warm!

Teri C said...

Oh wow Lin, this is fabulous!!!!! So much 'feeling' in here.

Jona said...

What a beauty. Very rich colors and atmosphere.