Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Snow in England - Allan Kirk

Daily Practice

I painted this scene a while ago. It's another of Allan's terrific exercises .... I love his impressionistic approach, especially for buildings - as mine always tend to be mighty stiff. BTW, Allan has started a wonderful blog ( This week he's posted some lessons on shadows and painting old buildings in the sunshine --- check it out!

The workshop last night went well -- but ended, naturally, pretty late, so today I am dragging--big time! I'm waiting for the coffee to finish perking, as I think it's going to be another caffeine IV day ...

The winds howled and howled yesterday! And despite the sun, it was so very cold and terribly uncomfortable. We remained in our mobile unit office space despite the threatening winds and clacking trees. Things are supposed to improve somewhat today.....fingers are crossed!

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a cup of coffee with me!


Lorraine said...

Very nice painting Lin -- yet another approach for you to take and successfully. It reminds me of French impressionism paintings.

I am having that cup of coffee with you now although I suspect you've already had several!

Our wind has abated and we are now in a deep freeze. Ugh. Winter. Ugh.

Joan said...

Nice sense of depth to this snowy scene!!! Good work!

We had over 10 inches of very wet snow. I went out this morning to a local state park to take photos, and I was trudging through snow over the tops of my boots for about 2 hrs. I hope I got some good photos...I filled up the entire memory card. lol I am ready for warmer weather.

Teri C said...

Such a pretty snow scene. Almost makes one like snow. Almost. :)
Going to check out your suggestion.

Teresa said...

OH LIN!!!! This is absolutely my favorite out of everything I've seen! Of course the subject matter is wonderful, (England, snow :-), but I love the colors you chose and this impressionistic style. Way to go!!!!!!