Thursday, February 04, 2010

Snow in Oxford - Fast and Furious

Daily Pratice
15 minutes

Knowing that my day yesterday would be wildly intense (and mercy, that's an understatment!), I took the last 15 minutes before leaving the house yesterday morning to sketch this ... It's based a photo of one of our neighbor's fields when C and I walked our neighborhood in the snowfall ..

We had a super-busy class yesterday, preparing for the classes, phone calls, mail, demos we had to set up, catching up from missing Monday's lecture and planting, and conducting our overflowing workshop. Instead of the class lasting the two hours we scheduled, we didn't leave the office until 9:45 pm ... I was too 'wired' to get to sleep much before 1 am ... It's barely 6:30 am now, so I know that caffeine will be my lifeline today and I'll fall into bed before 9 pm ... whew ....

We're expecting another 'dusting' of snow tonight and tomorrow. The roads were pretty clear from home to work-- but our neighborhood was still slip/slidey for six miles ... Hopefully most of that cleared by yesterday's warm temps.

I hope to have a bit of time tonight to paint more leisurely tonight ... we'll see how well the caffeine works! LOL

Take care!


Teresa said...

Gosh, Lin, you do the work of two people (at least!) and STILL manage to paint and draw every day. Wow! My hat's off to you!

Beautiful painting.. but you know I love it when it features one of my favorite subjects... snow!

Lorraine said...

Incredible -- 15 minutes!! Such a beautiful sketch -- the misty look in the background, the blue snow shadows in the foreground, the detail on the tree. You continue to amaze me.

Pace yourself as much as possible. Take good care.

Teri C said...

You did a fabulous job in only 15 minutes!!!

Joan said...

Gorgeous sky and shadows!!!! I don't know how you have the energy to get through your day and then paint too. You are wonderwoman!! Have a great day!

Jona said...

Hello Lin,

in just 15 minutes? Wow, congratulations. Look really fresh and lovely.