Thursday, February 18, 2010

Solitary Tree

Solitary Tree
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Daily Practice

Today is our first 'Plant a Row' for the Hungry workshop. The Arboretum has set aside 1-2 rows for growing vegetable to donate to the NC Food Bank. We've made this a community program by offering informal gardening classes weekly to the volunteers. Today we start with seeds and the greenhouse. Each week, we'll focus on different aspects of gardening in exchange for the volunteers working on those vegetable rows. I'll take the harvested vegetables to the Food Shuttle for distribution once we begin producing our crops.

It's been an intense time at work, with long days, tired nights and many frustrations. It's been affecting my painting, and I"m looking forward to being at home and finally getting that restive weekend I need. This painting was done while at my daughter's -- in between sick children and my own bout with the same virus.

Though the weather forcast has been for warmer temps, it's been mighty cold. The snow we had in NC and SC is about gone, but the fierce, bitter wind continues to blow, and the sun hasn't been much help.

Nonetheless, we spotted several crocuses poking their brave heads through the mulch .....

Hope springs ....

Take care.

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Lorraine said...

Oh I just love that scene and especially the tree!

Crocuses, oh my. It's still way to snowbound and frozen here to even thing about them but I treated myself to $3.00 roses at Walmart yesterday -- just needed a touch of spring somewhere in the house!!

What a wonderful idea to grow food for the food bank. Hubby was just saying yesterday that we needed to get tomato seeds planted. I'd like to get one of those hanging tomato plants for the deck -- are they any good?